Elijah's Memoir

    Elijah Albe Padua was born on September, 2nd,, 1995 to Robert and Victoria Padua. He unexpectedly went Home to Heaven to be with the Lord on Saturday, October 12th, 2019.

    Elijah was an adorable, fun loving baby, who has always been out-of-the-box. He had his own version of how he came to be in our family. When he was 3 years old, he asked if we remembered how he came to live with us. We began to fumble through a typical explanation for a 3 year old to which he informed us that we were wrong. According to him, he arrived to our house when he was 1 years old in a limousine, wearing a tuxedo with a top hat, carrying a brief case and a trumpet, he knocked on our door and told us he was there to live with us; the original boss baby.

    He was into martial arts for a time, loved skateboarding, and was extremely into fashion. His most recent hobbies were song writing, recording, and tattoo artistry. ‘Eli’ loved to laugh and he loved to dance even though he claimed he wasn’t good at it.

    He was homeschooled for many years and later attended and graduated from Laurel Highschool. During his time there, he started and helped to lead a Bible Study. He made friends very quickly wherever he went and was always looking out for the ‘underdog.’

    He worked at Papa John’s, and Men’s Warehouse where he really began to define his sense of style and fashion. His Most recent job was with Empire Auto Parts Warehouse.

    He was also very protective and in love with his sisters and looked for every opportunity to hang out with them.

    He had an extreme love for Jesus displayed by his relentless outpouring of Love into every person he met. Everyone who knew him, felt that they were one of his dearest friends.

    In his early years, he attended Immanuel’s church in Silver Spring, MD under the leadership of his youth Pastor Shenandoha Childers who deeply affected his life.

    He had a profound Faith and firmly believed in the GOD of the impossible who still performs miracles signs and wonders in our day.

    He is absolutely drawn to things of GOD. He is extremely gifted with insight and revelation into the heart of GOD. He has the amazing ability of being able to see into the hearts of people, know what they need, and lay his life down to pull out the treasure that he saw in them. He would go to any measure possible to demonstrate the value he saw in them.

    He later joined Victory Christian Ministries International under Apostles Tony and Cynthia Brazelton, who immediately claimed him as their own. He was introduced into the ministry by his sister Anastassia and Minister Tricie Hendrix where he became blown away by the tangibly demonstrated power of GOD. During his time in the church, he quickly became adopted as the community child and was deeply loved by the Victory family. In his spare time, he always enjoyed being around his group of ‘sisters’ from the church where we would laugh, dance, eat, pray, and soak in the presence of GOD. He also enjoyed chillin with his affectionately named ‘mom’ Sarah Zimmerman, Jason Banks and the M.O.B from Chrisma.

    He leaves behind his beloved Volks-Wagon CCR 2.0T, and a collection of Novelty shoes.

    He is waiting to be joined by his Grandmother, Nancy Donaldson; Mother, Victoria Padua; Father, Robert Padua; Sisters, Anastassia Padua and Shamaya Sutton; Niece Everlynn, Sutton; Brother-in-law, Dustin Sutton; his adopted family Tricie and the Hendrix family; Keshia and Isaiah Freeland; and affectionately named “girlfriend” Antoinette Brazelton; and a host of family (aunts, uncles, cousins), and dearly beloved friends.

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    Elijah’s Journal

  • Resurrection/ Restoration

    - I fell for the feeling, I fell for the taste of the carnal things, the self endorsement, self importance at the cost of time and Life. I've disgraced those I was supposed to protect, caught up in my Head... I'm sinking lower, my own thing instead. How much longer? - I've kicked the grave and tried to resurrect an old man who was left for dead. I've had enough I'm sorry, And I find your face as soon as I lay down and Die. With open arms and a lover's kiss, you bring me back to life! - Resurector, Restorer, You put the life back in my lungs that I thought had all been taken away.

  • Make War.

    - The world will destroy you if it can. It will lie to you, cheat you, beat you down through its infectious, twisted, complete insideous mindset. - Dont take the bait. Stand out from among the crowd. Think differently from all others around. -Don't straight jacket your soul. Go against the grain in every way. Dreamers from Ashes Arise!

  • At the Water Alone.

    -In my Solitude I feel you so close, closer than ever. ABBA and I! Communing, Conversating. Just being with no words, except those written on this page. I'm away from it all, alone with you. Admiring the strength of the trees and how the water moves. Freedom in the air, I've never felt so at home, at home here alone with you.

  • Where the soul hurts.

    - Here I am again... Face to Face with the decisions and ignorance that brought me here... On my knees a wounded, cracked, and shattered man... The weight of Pain & Shame delt to me by my own hand... I had forgotten my old Friend... the foundation in which I used to stand, I stepped off of and now feel cut down to half a man. - I need to choose, there is two Sides, And the Fence will not be my Home!!! - There is more to this life, I step into the light, let the darkness lay in its grave. It's a new day, feel jesus in my veins. - I will fight to change the world that's been stained. I will live in love. Your will be done. -This is where it comes, in the place where the soul hurts. -Decision to be made where the soul yearns.

  • Last Laugh.

    - The world is against us, to ruin us, Demoralized, broken apart, cast out, and left to die... We are the Revolution The knot in the Grain Against the Current We Hold A Name JESUS!!! They want us deaf, darkest of minions try and haunt our heads, shred us apart. - But We have the Last Laugh! - Holy Fire Burn. We are the Nightmares of devils . We are love- Reign! Enemies of God left in decrepit Pieces. - We have the Last Laugh! Try to bury us Alive, say we are a dying Breed. But the one I serve got up from the Grave. - We have the Last Laugh!

  • Night.

    - At Night, I find peace for my Soul. -At Night, I find peace alkne. -At Night I find, I feel you the most.

  • ARISE/Kill the Sickness

    - Arise!!! Of the Bride who has fallen asleep, Death of Soul and Spirit in wait, it's not too late. - Its time to Arise from this deathbed and lies we have accepted as our own... - Kept us chained there in the liars cold...Only death here, this is not our home. See these Bones!? I see An Army!!! I see A Rising Against! A falling apart of the jail cell that held us in the dark! We take pride with Fire in our eyes. We left Solitutde for Community, Neutrality for an Army! We wont stand by as the world Burns. This is a movement. To the Norm we will not Succom! Breathe.

  • Weight Alone.

    -I see your pain, I feel it too -The weight of the world crushing down on you, the hurt of others tearing your heart in two. -Come on Daughter, come back home. -Come on Sister your not alone. You are not these false prententions. You're not these fake feelings that come to defile your name. You are not your past. Your are not your mistakes I see purity of that of Queens splendor in royalty. Dont fall Dont fall away Dont loose Dont loose your faith Your circumstances do not define you. -I see your pain, I feel it too. The weight of the world crushing down on you Dont fall Dont fall away Dont loose Dont loose your faith Dont hide Dont hide your face from me. You are your Fathers Joy. I see your face. All ways lovely. My dear listen to my heart. You are not these False Feelings. You're not these empty words. You're not just one in a million. You were loved at first Glance.

  • Casualties of War. Touch of Eternity.

    - Breath in my Lungs Your presence I cant deny. My soul yearns Bones Shaking inside. Rise up, Stand up. I feel you inside Touch of Eternity! Ah! Hovering on my Skin. My light in the Dim. See your Face This. A touch from Eternity! Oh! -Deep in my thoughts and state of Mind -Peace for my soul and Love divine. -I Feel this! -Dont tell me this is a Dream -A touch of Eternity.

  • Hell’s Demise

    -Ah! Oh! I am the enemy of Darkness. I am the tangible Love manifestation of God. Oh! I am the nightmare of devils, I am the haunting in their dreams.

  • End.

    Looking for love in all the wrong places . What if you are really Good, what if you really are enough. God doesnt have to prove himself to me, he did that on the cross.